What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is critical to business success - it involves vision, mission and outside-of-the-box thinking. Strategic planning describes where you want your company to go, not necessarily how you're going to get there.


Often confused with business operation plans, strategic plans are expressions of ownership dreams and visions of successful results. Strategic planning functions as the "design" just as a blueprint functions as the "how" to build something. The strategic plan displays the finished product or goal. Usually, in smaller businesses, strategic planning is focused on the overall company, not on a department or division.


There is no one right way to create effective strategic planning. It involves "feel" just as much as it depends on management science. The more you understand your company, your industry, and your corporate "wish list," the better a winning strategic plan you'll create. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a great way to prepare for developing a strategic plan. Envisioning goals and then defining strategies to achieve them is the true essence of strategic planning.


An additional side benefit of strategic planning is the natural action plan that stems from identifying your preferred strategy. While strategic planning involves your vision, mission and dreams, it also further defines the rudiments of your action plan to achieve the results you want.


Why outsource strategic planning?

The strategic planning processes benefits massively from having an independent partner, as they will often see your company and a vision that you are unable to because you are so close to it. They can also offer alternative strategies and help you in devising objective measures and targets.


Why Dukes Management Services?

I am passionate about strategic planning and the proven effect is has on the development and growth of a business as I have used it many times. My 'out of the box' thinking yet logical mind can turn fresh approaches to achievement of targets and subsequent results.


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